Farin and Rishi are the sweetest couple ever and I couldn’t believe how seamlessly everything came together for their portraits at Maymont.  The weather was beautiful, their outfits perfectly complimented the fall colors, and well, its obvious they’re adorable and so in love.  So many couples choose Maymont as their go to place, well duh, […]

November 15, 2013

Farin & Rishi | Fall Engagement Session at Maymont | Richmond VA Wedding Photographer


In 5 days I will be running my first ever half marathon and to me, its a BIG deal! I was never a runner, never thought I could be, never wanted to be.  The longest I had ever run in my entire life was 3 miles and that was in High School.  Upon moving to Richmond […]

November 11, 2013

And the countdown begins | Anthem Richmond Half Marathon | Personal