This is such a FUN post, its my favorite behind the scenes + bloopers of Melissa Desjardins Photography from last year! There are so many shots that we take as photographers that don’t make it into our portfolio, but that we definitely include for the client gallery because they are so entertaining! Every year, whether it be a wedding, engagement, or lifestyle portrait session, there are always shots that stick out in my mind. Of course, I don’t include behind the scene shots of myself that my second shooter usually took, but those are also fun to look back on too. I hope you enjoy them and hopefully you get some laughs out of it!

Sometimes you get the best shots on the trolley or bus when traveling to the reception or another location for portraits, which is why its so important to have at least one photographer ride with the bridal party!

I LOVE animals, especially when they join in for family portraits! This is Pluto, one of the kitties that live at the Poe Museum, he was so friendly!

I do love cats, but I am obsessed with dogs, I get so excited when couples bring their pets along for their engagement sessions. This little girl loved being the center of attention!

A favorite venue of mine for sure is Tuckahoe Plantation, where cats and dogs live on the property. This pup was around for Bianca’s bridal session and we could not get enough of the cuteness! Also, I loved getting a shot of her dad helping out for the shoot!

Behind the scenes at a workshop!

The wind was insane for this wedding in Punta Cana, I was so nervous the dress was going to fly away! After many failed attempts, we just ended up shooting the dress inside.

Shooting in Punta Cana (left) and then back in RVA (right) always testing the light lol.

No doubt, the wind was an indication of what was to come later, it was the biggest storm I’ve ever shot a wedding in. TORRENTIAL downpour and lightening for hours, the power even went out for a quick minute (Eric’s expression bottom right was priceless, good thing for flash!) This wedding party embraced it, made lemonade out of lemons for sure!

I always make sure to get photos of the bridal party/guests taking selfies! 

More behind the scene shots, on this day it was very cold.

Haha I often have my boyfriend pose and help with all my crazy ideas, he is so helpful! Thanks Robby!

For this destination wedding in St. Lucia, we found a HUGE unfinished house (or should I say mansion) we just HAD to get some photos there. This photo was to show, its not always glamorous, but its always worth the shot, you gotta do what you gotta do, even edit lots of animal poop! 😉 The before & after photo.

Must be something about these tropical weddings, it also stormed in St. Lucia, but the rain didn’t last long! Everyone was so nice and accommodating!! On the way to the reception, we drove behind a pickup truck with locals catching a ride in the back.

I always bring a step stool with me to weddings, but when there are benches around, use what you have! I love getting high view points, just adds to the variety of photos the clients will receive.

This is my nephew Noah (isn’t he adorable?!) and when visiting in New Hampshire this past summer, I had to get some photos of him. I love this outtake of him and Robby being Silly and of course, I’m always behind the camera, so its nice to get out in front sometimes. 

And of course, he is not ALWAYS a happy baby, love these outtakes, he was afraid of the pumpkins. Even when he is crying, he is cute!

And lastly, I love capturing the guests at weddings, these two are probably my favorite. At the end of the night, the suit comes off, and all you wanna do is “Netflix and Chill.” And for all you wrestling fans (I grew up watching it because of my older brother) I cracked up when I saw this Stone Cold Steve Austin tie!

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January 30, 2017

Behind the Scenes + Bloopers | Melissa Desjardins Photography

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