I had a blast with Kathryn and Jarrett for their Byrd Park Engagement Session. We first started at nearby Pump House Park and I quickly learned that Jarrett was going to make this easy for me because he is a jokester so they were always laughing, but he also took direction very well! Not to mention, they are an incredibly good looking couple, so it was impossible for me to take a bad photo of the two of them. They love to have fun and be silly with each other and I just adore that, when couples can just be themselves, it really translates through in the photographs. For the second more dressy outfit, we went to The Carillon, always a favorite amongst photographers and the lighting was perfection. I just loved the outfit Kathryn created and her dark bold lips just was the icing on top, these are some of my favorite engagement session photos I’ve ever taken!

Kathryn and Jarrett met through their mutual friend JC during her Junior year of college. They were friends at first and it wasn’t until a few years later when they reconnected. Jarrett had moved away to California nearly 3 years ago, but came home to visit and Kathryn explained how it was like he was a different person, both of them had grown and matured, and they clicked immediately. They spent a ton of time together when he was home visiting for two weeks and when he returned back to California, they talked everyday, face-timed every night and eventually he asked her to be his girlfriend in July that summer. By October Jarrett had moved back home for good and made it a surprise!

They had talked about getting engaged and Kathryn knew she wanted it to be private and he did exactly that. He took her to see the movie Valerian, where the entire plot is the guy keeps proposing to the girl and she keeps saying no, until the very end. She thought nothing of it and afterwards, they got dinner and ice cream, then headed home. Kathryn started to get ready for bed when Jarrett ran upstairs and got down on one knee, she was so confused because she didn’t even have any pants on, Jarrett told her “I’m proposing and now you cant run away since you dont have on pants.” She was totally surprised and said she pretty much blacked out and barely remembers what happened after that. She had to ask later if he even asked and if she had said yes haha. It was no surprise to me that their engagement story was a funny and embarressing one for Kathryn, I think funny and fun sums up who they are and whats a little fun without embarrassment lol. I have a few outtakes of Jarrett that may embarrass him (but probably not) and lets be honest, being in front of the camera is awkward at first, but these two made it seem SO easy!! I cannot wait until their glamorous fall Wedding next year!!

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November 20, 2017

Byrd Park Engagement Session | Kathryn + Jarrett | Melissa Desjardins Photography

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