You give me an adorable dog, a breathtaking sunset and a couple like these two, I am one happy photographer.  I recently had the pleasure of taking Brittany and Zach’s engagement photos at Fairview Farm, which is where they will be getting married in May 2017.  When Brittany asked me if they could bring their dog, Seabass along I instantly said YES, I just love when couples bring their furry children to the shoot!

Zach and Brittany met at a wedding on May 17, 2014 (they are getting married exactly 3 years and 3 days after they first met) which Brittany only attended due to a best friend with an extra +1 because her boyfriend had been deployed last-minute.  It was fate.  Towards the end of the reception, Zach got enough courage to scoop Brittany’s arm during a ho-down themed song, which she believes was ‘Cotton-eyed Joe.’  She describes, that “in that moment we locked eyes, arms, and hearts.”  I should mention that Brittany caught the bouquet that night 😉  A few weeks later Zach got her number from the bride and about a week later, they had their first date at Tautog’s in Virginia Beach.   They both knew after that date that it was meant to be and a few weeks later Brittany crashed his family vacation in Atlantic Beach and fit right into the Williams clan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fast forward nearly two years, Brittany knew proposing was in his mind, and of course they had talked about it in the past.  They had a trip planned to Puerto Rico for the end of March and she thought for sure he’d pop the question there, but instead he completely caught her by surprise and proposed in a closet, on a typical Sunday. Brittany explained to me that she been hounding him to go to the grocery store and went searching for him, looking everywhere, Seabass following, trying to help.  She finally heard a faint “Brittany…” coming from the bedroom, which she expected Zach to jump out and scare her, which he likes to do, but when she opened the door to their walk in closet, he was down on one knee with the ring he designed himself.  She tackled him and said yes after about 2 minutes of ogling over the ring, and then instantly started calling their closest family and friends.  Brittany exclaimed that “the proposal was totally random and there was no photographer to capture an elaborately-planned proposal on a perfectly sunsetted beach, but it was the most perfect moment I could have ever asked for…something uniquely us and romantically Zach.” Well, I couldn’t agree more and I had so much fun photographing this charming couple and their pup. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos!


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April 28, 2016

Fairview Farm Engagement Photos | Brittany + Zach

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