I don’t photograph families often, but when I do, they have to be fun, wild, and crazy like the Provost Family! We had a blast at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle Massachussetts for their Portrait Session. Kelly had contacted me at the beginning of the year asking for suggestions for family photographers in the area, my hometown of Nashua, NH. Kelly and I went to the same High School, I remember studying for Physics together and were in the same Drivers Ed class (we won’t mention that I failed the written test once). She thanked me for my suggestions, but mentioned if I was planing on coming to visit anytime, she would wait for me, ummm… that is the SWEETEST, a Photographers dream client! I was so touched and of course kept her in the loop when I planned my visit in September because fall is always my favorite time of year to go and with Weddings, one particular week worked out perfect.

Kelly was and still is the sweetest woman and although we lost touch after High School and eventually I moved away, I still saw through FB that she got married, had TWINS and then a third little girl. Well, they are not so little anymore and it was so much fun getting to catch up with Kelly, meet her awesome husband Keith and their 3 girls, Lily and Grace are twins, and Ava, the tiny but mighty little sister. They were SO much fun, started off shy, but then quickly let all their huge personalities shine.

It was certainly not fall like weather the whole week I was in NH, hardly any of the trees started to turn yet, and during the session, you can’t tell in the photos, but there was definitely a heat wave, it was extremely hot. At the end, we all rewarded ourselves with ice cream for a job well done! I am just so honored that Kelly chose me as her photographer and even waited for me. Her and Keith were so happy with the photos and said I am hired whenever I come back to visit, sounds good to me! 😉

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November 9, 2017

Great Brook Farm State Park Family Portraits | Melissa Desjardins Photography

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