I just LOVE small, intimate weddings, especially when they are at unique places like the Poe Museum. When Christina first contacted me all the way from San Francisco and told me the details about her wedding, I knew it was a perfect match! They got married on a gorgeous summer day, Ben’s brother Sam was the officiant, with only their closest family members as guests. It was extremely humid on this day, but they took it all in stride, it was a short ceremony, which left me over an hour and a half of portrait time, a photographers dream come true!

Ben and Christina first met in the sixth grade, but didn’t become friends until their senior year of high school. After a couple years of friendship, Ben finally asked Christina on a date the day AFTER Valentine’s Day, because “having their anniversary be on Valentine’s Day would be lame,” Ben explained. I love that! Ten years later, he drove her to a secluded spot in Yosemite National Park and proposed. There was only one witness to the proposal, a teddy bear he had bought her as a present years ago that always accompanied them on their trips around the world. They told me in advance that Teddy would be attending the wedding (adorned in a tux) and they would like photos with him. Of course! I always encourage couples to do exactly everything they want on their big day, especially things like this that are special between the two of them.

They had moved from their hometown Richmond to San Francisco three years ago, but they wanted to celebrate the most intimate part of their wedding in their native city surrounded only by their closest family, and Teddy, of course. I am so happy they did, I just adore this couple and everything about this wedding day. It’s not the typical all day wedding affair, it was simple, stress free,  exactly how they wanted it, and oh so beautiful. A new favorite for sure!


How GORGEOUS is Christin’s BHLDN Wedding dress?! It had the slightest hue of blush.Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0003Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0004

This was my first time shooting at the Poe Museum and I LOVED it!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0002Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0006Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0013Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0009Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0014Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0015Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0016Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0017Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0018Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0019Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0021

They did it!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0020

Pluto, one of the black kitties that live at the Museum made an appearance!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0022Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0024Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0025Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0023

I died … Amanda’s flowers were on point! This bouquet is absolutely flawless!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0005

Christina’s wedding band was not ready yet, so instead they got a placeholder claddagh ring while they were in Ireland together before the wedding! I LOVE IT!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0007Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0008Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0026Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0010Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0027Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0031Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0028Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0043Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0029Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0042

TEDDY makes his appearance!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0033

Pluto liked Teddy!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0011Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0030

So dapper!

Christina was absolutely stunning, everything worked so perfectly together, this girl has style! Her hair, makeup, jewelry, dress, AHH!

The Poe Museum may be small, but it is MIGHTY! It has so many amazing photo locations!Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0035Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0040Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0038Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0041Poe_Museum_Wedding_Photos_0034

I convinced them to take the 5 min drive to Libby Hill Park for the sunset, it did not dissapoint!Libby_Hill_Park_Wedding_Photos_0045


© Melissa Desjardins Photography 2016 | Wedding Photographer | Central VA and Destinations Worldwide | Contact Melissa HERE

Vendor Information

Photographer: Melissa Desjardins Photography

Ceremony: The Poe Museum

Florist: Amanda Burnette

Dress: BHLDN

Groom’s attire: Ralph Lauren

Hair+ Makeup: Avenue 42

Engagement Ring: Tiffany & Co.

Wedding Bands: Suetake Bros.

Claddagh Band: Claddagh Jewelers

August 10, 2016

Intimate Poe Museum Wedding | Richmond VA Wedding Photographer

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