Jody and Al had an intimate wedding at the Kent Valentine House in Richmond towards the end of November and it was stunning! Jody and I first chatted on the phone because the Nanny for her children was the sister of one of my past grooms and she had recommended me. Jody explained that they would be exchanging vows in front of family and then having a reception after to celebrate that would include their closest friends. She described it as a simple, but elegant celebration and after having shot it, I couldn’t agree more, it was just that!

When you look at Jody, you notice how gorgeous she is, but also seriously one of the sweetest humans I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Al described her as natural, pure, and honest and I couldn’t agree more. We bonded right away on our first call because I commented on her accent, then realizing she was from Canada and she knew exactly what my last name was and meant. For those of you who don’t know, my last name Desjardins screams French Canadian and means “of the garden” in French. We became quick friends and I really enjoyed getting emails from her, asking my opinion on things, but she certainly didn’t need my help because she has impeccable style. This was my last wedding I photographed of 2018 and I knew it was going to be a great one to end with, on a high note for sure.

Jody and Al met at their Bikram Yoga studio that they both regularly attended in Richmond and the rest, as they say … is history. They got engaged at their favorite place, the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Yet another thing we bonded over because I lived in Asheville many years ago, am very familiar with the historic Grove Park Inn and I highly recommend everyone visit there. It really does remind me of Richmond and makes sense why I love both of them so much. Jody and Al both have children, so when they came together it surely was a modern day Brady Brunch!

When I asked each of them what their favorite thing about the other was, Jody explained for her it was Al’s smile. She exclaimed, “that it lights up his whole beautiful face and shows the warmth, love, kindness, and strength that is in his heart.” Al’s favorite thing about Jody was Jody. He explained, “from her angelic face and the brightness and life that exudes from her eyes that sparkle every time she simply says hello, to the warmth and sincerity that pours from her heart when she speaks even to perfect strangers.” I truly hope that through these images you can feel those exact words exuding from the photographs because I surely felt it when in their presence.

Al surprised Jody with a banner and cake to celebrate her citizenship here in the U.S. which was not an easy, fast process!

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Photographer: Melissa Desjardins Photography

Second Photographer: Brittany Claud

Ceremony + Reception: The Kent Valentine House

Catering: A Sharper Palette

Dress: BHLDN Amy Kuschel Bacall Gown

Florist: Missy Buckingham

MUA + Hair Stylist: FBJ Weddings

February 11, 2019

Jody + Al’s intimate Kent Valentine House Wedding

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