A destination wedding in St. Lucia! Even as I was shooting, what I was seeing through my lens didn’t seem real, the backdrop looked like something out of a painting.  It has been my dream to shoot more destination weddings and travel to these amazing locations around the world, and Emily + Chris made that a reality.  They knew right from the moment they got engaged (in Hawaii!) that they wanted a destination wedding.  After lots of research, they set their sites on St. Lucia, specifically Gros Islet Quarter, a region which includes the island’s northernmost point.  They would invite 23 of their closest family and friends to join them, which is probably one of my favorite things about destination weddings, they are intimate.

Every detail in this wedding had meaning and was unique, Emily’s personality can truly been seen through it all.  I’ll be honest, when she first told me her colors were blue/green iridescent, I had a hard time visualizing it, but how it all came together, it worked beautifully and surely made a believer out of me!  It was the perfect blend of tropical paradise, ocean influences, and a whole lot of pretty.  Basically, a mermaids dream! Everything was handmade, and all the shells used for the boutonnieres and the bridal bouquet were shells collected from Emily and her family over their many vacations over the years together.  As a surprise to Em, her mother and sister even had some of her fathers ashes placed in the mermaid locket of the bouquet.  He would have been proud and I have no doubt, he was most certainly there.

The ceremony took place on the deck of Tamarind Villa, where we had the pleasure of living for the week, and it was amazing!  The weather was very hot for the ceremony and barely a cloud in the sky, but everyone handled it very well.  Yay for no rain, right?! After they were officially husband and wife, it was portrait time, and this is why Chris and Em are my ideal couple … they were willing to do anything for epic photos!! They trusted me and were down for anything, even if it meant bringing a ladder, driving down the dirt road to an unfinished massive house, and climbing down the wall to get in because everything is gated.  This house was breathtaking, it looked like it belonged in Tuscany and the whole thing was empty! This resulted in some of my favorite portraits I have ever taken, I hope you love them as much as I do.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to have such an adorable couple as these two and Emily, you were absolutely stunning!!  You are stylish, beautiful, strong, sweet, and humble, you had a vision for your day, you knew exactly what you wanted and it was perfection.  I hope you and Chris cherish these photos forever and one day can show your children about the day you two got married in St. Lucia!

There was a big surprise in store for everyone at the reception, scroll down to find out what it was!!


Emily chose every detail and had her shoes created by Ellie Wren St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0004

There were SO many props laying around in the house, I was in heaven!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0008Her bouquet, all made with shells that her family has collected over the years.  The bottom white tool is from her mothers veil and the brooch is her mothers as well.


The mermaid locket, where some of her dads ashes were placed.  St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0002

All handmade jewelry and hair piece by AmyobrialSt_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0005

Probably one of my favorite things we found washed up on the beach, a sea fan!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0009

Chris sure is looking suave!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0011St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0012St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0013St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0014St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0016St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0017St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0018St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0020

Seriously … still doesn’t look real!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0026St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0024

Good looking Bridal Party!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0027St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0021St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0033St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0028St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0034St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0029St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0035St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0022St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0030St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0031St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0032St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0025St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0036St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0037St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0023St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0038St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0040

Thanks to the wedding planner Michele for taking my camera so I could be in this shot!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0039St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0041St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0045St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0044St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0042St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0043St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0046St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0052St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0053St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0055St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0054St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0056St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0051St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0050St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0061St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0070St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0064St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0069St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0062St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0068St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0065St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0066St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0067St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0047St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0063St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0048St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0057St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0058St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0060St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0059St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0049

Awesome Caribbean Weddings and her crew did an absolute fantastic job and was just a pleasure to work with! Not to mention the Royal Beach Front Terrace was the perfect reception place, the food and staff were equally as amazing! St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0071St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0072

THE SURPRISE! The Wedding planner and I were the only ones that knew that Chris (a talented singer and songwriter) had written Emily a song and was going to perform it live with a violinist!! It had everyone in tears! Way to go Chris!!!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0073St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0074St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0075St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0076St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0077St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0078St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0079

As in any tropical place, it poured down rain for 10 minutes and then cleared up, some just got up and embraced the rain 😉

Cheers to Emily and Chris! Love you both!St_Lucia_Destination_Wedding_Photos_0081

© Melissa Desjardins Photography 2016 | Wedding Photographer | Central VA and Destinations Worldwide

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Vendor Information

Planner: Michele Awesome Caribbean Weddings

Shoes: Ellie Wren

Ceremony: Taramind Villa

Reception: The Royal Beachfront Terrace

Catering: The Royal St. Lucian

Dress: Love Marley Collection by Watters/Purchased at Lovely Bride NYC

Bride’s Bouquet, Jewlery, Boutonnieres: Gina Nam Amyobridal

Hair: Ann Fevriette

Makeup: Hannah Daniel

Civil Marriage Officer: Danielle “LuLu” Bergasse

DJ: Martin Monplaisir

Violinist: Yannick James

Cake: Sandra John, Cakes by Sandra

April 12, 2016

St. Lucia Destination Wedding Photos | Chris + Emily

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