Eric and Andrea are like family and when they (finally..heh) got engaged and told me that they wouldn’t have anyone else but me photograph their destination wedding in Punta Cana, I could not have felt more honored. I have known Eric since I was 13 because he has been my bothers’ best friend since they were in the seventh grade, I even remember many incidences when Eric stuck up for me in when Joey was being a punk big brother. Andrea and Eric met at Southern New Hampshire University and really have grown up together, surviving long distance, and then they had an adorable daughter Jaslene, who is now 7 years old.  It wasn’t until their 10 year anniversary of being together, that Eric proposed. He would always tell everyone, that if she can commit to him, give him 10 years, then he will ask her to marry him and he stayed true to his word.

When talking with Andrea throughout this process, I was shocked when she told me they invited 70 guests and they got 60 responses back saying YES! It just goes to show what kind of friends and family these two have, it was truly an amazing thing to witness while in the Dominican. Of course I brought my bestie and fellow photographer Brittany along to assist and second shoot. The weather was amazing the two days we were there prior to the wedding, but just like anywhere tropical, storms can happen.  Whatever the case may be, Andrea and Eric always take it in stride and adapt to any situation, they truly are such an amazing couple.  It was an experience I will always cherish, the photos serve proof as to the memories made.  I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say good times were had by this crew; lots of people got sick, some bruises, a lost tooth, even a hospital visit, but a trip of a lifetime and a wedding made for the record books!


For those of you that know Andrea, she is quite the fashionista and she knew she wanted her dress handmade. With the help of Harper of Seams Couture in Providence, RI her vision became a reality.  Not many brides can say they have a one of a kind dress and I was so obsessed with the back and the high slit, of course Andrea could pull it off!


How cool is this clutch Andrea has made with her new last name?!

I love how unique Andrea’s ring is! HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0049

The welcome bags and favors were a hit! I am obsessed with these bottles of Mamajuana (with a typical cana hat) a drink exclusively from the Dominican Republic that is made by adding rum, red wine, and honey to a combination of twigs, bark, leaves and herbs.HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0003

One of the things I have always loved about Andrea is she never cared what people thought, especially about her hair. I remember the day (years ago) when she shaved it completely and I was in awe, such a bad ass and I always admired that tenaciously. I eventually cut all my hair off too, had the sides shaved for a while, I am happy to share our love of edgy hair styles together 🙂 HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0010

Mom and daughter robes, how adorable!

I love this portrait of Andrea, she just radiates strength, class, and sass! HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0015

And now it was to the Eric’s hotel to photograph him getting ready. For those of you who don’t know, Eric is an established barber in Nashua, NH so of course we had to include some of his prized possessions.  Check out the shop HEREHardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0008HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0007HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0016

I just LOVE this portrait of Eric! So suave! HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0017HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0018

Gosh, this was such an emotional ceremony! Everyone and I mean everyone was in tears.  I swear this is the first time I’ve ever seen my brother cry and he made me promise not to include any photos as proof, Joey if you’re reading this, I stayed true to my word 😉HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0020HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0021HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0022

Their vows that they wrote themselves were the best vows I’ve ever heard! Andrea made it through hers, but when it was Eric’s turn, he barely could contain his emotions, it was so sweet.

Since they were calling for a major storm (you will see as you scroll down) the ceremony was in this gazebo instead of on the beach.  It didn’t end up raining until about 30 minutes after this, but better be safe than sorry!HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0026

Eric also had some promises to state to their daughter, it was absolutely precious!HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0024HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0025

They’re MARRIED!HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0027HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0041HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0030

Ahh, Andrea you are so GORGEOUS!HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0028

When I had my portrait studio in New Hampshire, I photographed Jaslene when she was just a toddler, I hadn’t seen her in years and could not believe

And then the rain came …HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0032HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0033HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0029HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0034

The storm clouds were HUGE and DARK! For you photographers out there, lets just say I was shooting at iso 1000, then 20 minutes later I was at 5000, then the sky opened up and it was a torrential downpour, like sideways rain.

Thank goodness it was warm because Brittany and I looked like drowned rats by the time we make it to the reception on our golf cart.HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0036HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0037HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0035

It was raining so hard, there was legit no where to go, so we seeked shelter here, the columns were beautiful.
HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0038HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0039Everyone truly just embraced the storm!


The speeches were amazing, I have to give a shoutout to my brother for making everyone laugh so hard!HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0048HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0043HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0044HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0045HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0046

As my brother would say, Dre + E are just that ‘ride or die’ couple, truly a powerhouse and force to be reckoned with.  Love you guys! HardRock_PuntaCana_Wedding_Photos_0047

© Melissa Desjardins Photography 2016 | Wedding Photographer | Central VA and Destinations Worldwide | Contact Melissa HERE

Vendor Information

Photographer: Melissa Desjardins Photography

Second Photographer: Brittany Claud

Wedding Coordinator: Joelisa Lozada

Venue: Hard Rock Punta Cana

Reception + Catering: Toro Steakhouse, at Hard Rock

Dress: Harper Della-Piana, Seams Couture

Hair Stylist: Sarah Bisson, Salon Belle Vie

Makeup Artist: Jazmin Abad Brito

Invitations: Lyndsey’s Fine Paper

Favors: Dominican Favors

June 7, 2016

Hard Rock Punta Cana Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

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  1. The Darwells says:

    Stunning couple, amazing photos that captures the true beauty of love at the best day of their lives ♡

    • Awww, thanks so much for writing a comment Kelly and Jason! It was SO good to see you both, you will always be the original Desjar Wedding couple! 😉 And a true Desjardins! haha