You know when you first meet someone and you think, they are way too nice, can’t be real. But then you really get to know them and they truly are that genuinely nice person? Yup, well that’s Hayden! She’s a ray of sunshine and you feel like a better person for having known her and having her in your life. Hayden and Alan have been together for 7 years and I knew how excited she was to get engaged and since I had been saying I’ve wanted to photograph her for years, taking her bridal portraits was the perfect opportunity! We’ve always bonded over style, art, fashion, and of course short hair. We actually share the same hair stylist, shout out to Bill at Katie Blue Salon.

I knew Hayden would be a vision in her BHLDN wedding dress, but I was not prepared for how flawless she was when it all was put together. I think timeless would be the perfect word to describe Hayden and I assure you, her beauty on the outside is equally matched by her beauty on the inside. 

I got to attend her wedding over the weekend (I know, a RARE occasion when I get to be a guest!) and it was everything that I had anticipated. Colorful, happy, quirky, and filled with love, pretty much just pure joy bursting at the seams. I could not be more happy for Hayden and Alan and it was my complete honor to be able to capture these bridal portraits for her. Hayden, you are STUNNING!!!

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MUA: Krista Avenue 42

Dress: BHLDN

Haircut: Bill Katie Blue Salon

May 8, 2019

Hayden’s Bridal Portraits | Richmond VA

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