It’s not everyday you get to be a part of making a little girls dream come true. As Photographers, of course we are always proud of our work, capturing memories frozen in time, but I am extra proud of this day. Four year old Elaina’s Make-A-Wish was to meet a Mermaid, so the whole family traveled here to Virginia Beach, so she could do just that.

They arrived in style at First Landing State Park and Elaina instantly started searching the beach for a Mermaid and it wasn’t before long she spotted Mermaid Hales. The two got acquainted and Hales was excited to give Elaina the custom headpiece she made her, which was a perfect fit! It wasn’t long before Elaina got into her own mermaid tail swimsuit and was even was brave enough to splash around in the waves that washed ashore.

It was then time to break for lunch and head to our second location, a private residence for a pool swim! For lunch we had Elaina’s favorite, chicken nuggets from Chic-fil-A (girl after my own heart) and then it was pool time, where the whole family got to join in! Mermaid Hales was showing off her underwater skills, fetching all the sinking toys all in one breath.

After many hours, it was time for Mermaid Hales to head back home to the Ocean, but not before Elaina discovered that Mermaid Tails are quite ticklish, which was adorable! We had brownies and cupcakes for dessert, a few more family photos, then we all said our good byes. By the look on Elaina’s face back in the limo, I would say she had the most amazing day!

A huge thank you to Amy, Make-A-Wish Coordinator in RVA for reaching out to me and Caroline for thinking of me 🙂 Being a part of this day was such an honor and I will never forget it!

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Huge Thank you to: Make-A-Wish + all the volunteers (especially Samantha Burt)

Mermaid Hales

Kathy + Lee Rivers for opening their home

VA Executive Transportation – Limo Driver Rod

First Location: First Landing State Park

August 18, 2019

Make-A-Wish | Meet a Mermaid!

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